Example laser image.

Laser Installations

Thank you for considering Beam Bouncers to custom install your laser system. We take pride in offering the highest level service and products. The following information will help you decide which system is the best for you. To discuss custom installation, please email us at info@beambouncers.com.

Do you want a full color or green laser?
Full color lasers, obviously, can produce a full spectrum of colors (more than you can ever imagine). The full color systems come in two different power levels. The size of the space where the laser will be used should determine which power you get.

What do you want the laser to do?
Depending on what you are wanting the laser to do depends on which operating system you will need to purchase. If less complex, pre-programmed shows will suffice for you then the Avatar systems may be right for you. The Avatar system controls the laser using a controller, and comes complete with stock laser show pre-programmed into the system. The Avatar system is available for both color and green lasers.

If you are looking for more complex, self-designed shows, then the Pangolin/Painter system is for you. In this system you are able to design your own shows. Available for both the green and color lasers, this system is only limited by your imagination. The Pangolin/Painter systems come with several pre-programmed shows, but also offer you the opportunity to create your own shows, custom animation, graphics, and much more.

Check out our photo gallery demonstrating a 2.5W system in use at a club approximately 7,500 square feet in size.

* We only install the newest in high-powered DPSS laser technology. All systems are capable of displaying beam effects, arial text, and animations. Simple software/controller used. Easy to learn and program.